Madrid is one of the most fun european capitals, open and welcoming, and the perfect city to feel like a local. If you want to experience the real Spanish way of life you need to visit the city. Madrid is my place of birth, so I can share with you many good reason to visit Madrid. These are my top 5 reasons!

Things you will love about visiting Madrid

After living for some years abroad I have realized that there are several things that make Madrid different and unique. Those are the things I miss most about my city and what you will love when you visit it.

1. The perfect city to wander around

Just pick one of its neighbourhoods (Malasaña, Barrio de las Letras, Chueca, etc.) and let the city show you its wonders. An old palace, one hidden church, a pintoresque street… Don’t be afraid of not having a plan, that is the best plan you can have in Madrid.

2. 24/7 full of lifereasons to visit madrid

Can you imagine going shopping at 9pm? Or having dinner at 10pm? Schedules and timetables are different in Madrid, that´s why you can find people on the streets at any time. This peculiarity makes Madrid a vibrant and exciting city, nothing to do with those european cold cities where there isn´t life after 6pm. This town is also the perfect party destination, with many different areas to fit every taste. Take into account party in Madrid starts quite late and bar-hopping is our way of enjoying the night.

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3. Traditional shops to taste the past

Madrid is the city in the world with more centenary stores, therefore going shopping in here has a special charm. You will find traditional shoe shops, pharmacies, book shops, groceries… that have remained little changed since they open their doors more than one hundred years ago. Go inside and take a look, it’s just like travel back in time!

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4. More than food

I bet you have heard about Spanish cuisine. Well, Madrid is the place where you will be able to try any Spanish dish you are craving for. From North to South, the best Spanish cuisine is present in more than 15.000 bars and restaurants in Madrid. Certainly, not every bar offers the best paella or pincho de tortilla. Mistrust those places with endless menus and do some research before choosing where to eat. Madrid has outstanding restaurant that you won’t want to miss.

5. A city with an amazing past

With more than twelve centuries of history, Madrid has countless landmarks that tell us about its fascinating past. Some of the most important events in Spanish and European History took place here, that’s why going all over its streets is like being part of the olden days. Madrid is packed of historic building and keeps one of the most precious painting collections in its museums. All this makes Madrid the perfect cultural destination.

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These are just five out of thousands of reasons why you should visit Madrid. To make the most of your trip just keep one thing in mind: the more you explore Madrid the more you will fall in love with the city.

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