Food deserves a special chapter when we talk about Madrid. Culinary offer in the city is endless, high quality and good value for money. Compared to other European capitals, food prices are very competitive. Nevertheless, quality comes with a price, and some Spanish products can be quite pricey (Spanish Ibérico ham, sea food, wines…).

I´ve included on this list my top 8 favorite food in Madrid, but as soon as you get there you´ll realise there are many other delicious options to go for. I really encourage you to try as many as you can, food is the best way of enjoying the city.

Tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette)

This is my favorite tapa, and it´s always available in any bar of the city. There are two ways of eating tortilla de patata: a pincho de tortilla (slice of tortilla with some bread) or bocadillo de tortilla (tortilla sandwich). Try the best tortilla de patata in Bodega de la Ardosa (Calle Colón, 13) and Las tortillas de Gavino (Calle Rafael Calvo, 20).

Cocido madrileño

This traditional stew made with chickpeas, vegetables and meat is perfect for lunch time. The place par excellence to have this tasty and filling dish is La Bola.In fact, this was the restaurant Ava Gadner chose to try cocido.

Bocadillo de calamares (Shrimp sandwich)

Visit Plaza Mayor to try best bocadillo de calamares in town (Bar La Ideal or Casa María are my favorite). This delicious bite to eat tastes better with a caña o botellín (small and cold tap/bottled beer). Mahou is the beer brand we drink in Madrid.


Small breadcrumbed fried food roll made with béchamel. There are many different flavours: Spanish ham (the most typical), cheese, cod, cocido (made with the leftovers of the famous stew), etc. Visit Lakasa and La Gastro de Chema to have an incredible croquetas experience.

Ensaladilla rusa

This potato salad is one of the most popular tapas in Spain. Any Ensaladilla Rusa include potato and mayonnaise, the rest of ingredients depend on the Chef: carrot, olives, tuna… there are endless possibilities. When I am craving for one Ensaladilla Rafa and La Raquetista are my favorite restaurants.

Huevos rotos con jamón

Fried eggs, fries and Spanish ham, these are the three ingredients to make this succulent dish. Huevos rotos are the specialty at Casa Lucio, the restaurant where Real Madrid players, politics or celebrities come to enjoy them.

Chocolate con churros

Hot chocolate with churros (fried-dough pastry) is an institution in Madrid. Since 1894 San Ginés is the place to try this mouth-watering treat. We usually have chocolate con churros for breakfast, merienda or early morning after hard party. If you are not a big fan of chocolate, you can also dip churros in café con leche (white coffee).

Patatas bravas

Fried potatoes with a distinctive spicy sauce (olive oil, fried onion, paprika, cayenne and vinegar). Docamar and Las Bravas promise best bravas in town, and they don´t dissapoint! You can also order Patatas con alioli (fried potatoes with garlic mayonnaise), another tasty option.

Boquerones en vinagre, callos, empanadillas, banderillas… and many, many other Spanish dishes to try. Come to Madrid and enjoy of an unforgettable culinary experience.

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