How many times have you thought «I would love learning Spanish»? No matter if you have little time, what your level is or why you want to learn, I am here to help you and meet your needs.

My name is Gala and I am a native Spanish teacher who is in love with this amazing language and Spanish culture in general. Join my practical and entertaining classes and see how fast you start to understand and speak Spanish.

Check the different lessons I offer to make you fluent in Spanish and choose the one that suits you best. If you don’t find what you are looking for, just let me know and I will see how I can fulfill your expectations.

Since every student is unique, I always love to hear from you and know why you want to study Spanish before starting our lessons. Please contact and tell me more about you, I am looking forward to helping you with your Spanish.




55 min. Face to Face – Online


55 min. Face to Face 


55 min. Online

55 min. Face to Face

55 min. Group lessons

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Cultural Advice



Recommended for:

Any level (highly recommend for Basic and Intermediate)

Grammar lessons are the best way to learn Spanish. These lessons will help you with pronunciation, vocabulary, speaking… And you will finally understand even the most difficult grammar subjects. Basic level students need to understand English to follow my explanations


Group lessons take place once a week (12 weeks), mornings or evenings. They have a duration of 75 min.

Basic and Intermediate levels.

Have fun and learn Spanish at the best price!


Recommended for:

High Intermediate and Advance

Put in practice your knowledge and get used to speak with a native speaker. Every lesson will be about a different topic,and we will focus on your personal and professional interests. Students need to be able to have a conversation in Spanish to join these lessons.

Other services


Recommended for:

Families moving to a Spanish speaking country

Families who want to learn together, spend quality time and have fun

Enjoy with your partner and kids learning useful and colloquial Spanish. These lessons will teach you and your kids to face everyday situations in Spanish. My dynamic and fun classes are meant to entertain the whole family. Learning Spanish has never been so fun!

*Families need to understand English to follow my lessons


Recommended for:

People moving to a Spanish speaking country

Moving to a new country is always easier when you know a bit about the place where you are going to live. Customs, practical information (health, education, housing…), and the language… Cultural advice lessons will give you all the information you need about Spain.


You can choose between:

  • Online lessons. Save time with my online classes, available 7 days. You just need Skype and Internet connection to join them
  • Face-to-face lessons. Individual or group classes are available in Haarlem (Netherlands)


I am aware of how hectic our schedules can be. For this reason I try to be flexible and offer my lessons first thing in the morning (8am-9am) and late in the evening (7pm-9pm). More time slots are available during the day, just contact me and tell me when it works better for you.


> I am interested in your lessons, what is next?

Send me an email to and tell me about you: what course you want to join, if you have studied Spanish before, why you want to learn, your availability…

After that I will send you a level test and schedule a free of charge interview (around 30min). Then we are ready to start!

How can I pay you?

Classes will be paid by bank transfer (I will provide you with my bank details) before the class takes place. Face to face lessons can be paid by cash as well.

How do your online lessons work?

I use Skype when I teach online. We can also use Hangouts, Whatsapp, etc. Online lessons work just like face to face lessons: same content, resources, etc.

Do I need to buy a book?

No, I will provide any material you need.

Are your lessons 100% in Spanish?

When you have High Intermediate and Advance level we will only communicate in Spanish. For Basic and Low Intermediate level I will give explanations in English. According to me experience, attending a lesson 100% in Spanish when you don´t understand anything is very frustrating. My goal is making you love Spanish, not  hating it.

What are my classes like?

The key to be fluent in a new language is understanding, that’s why my lessons are focus on listening and speaking. I will help you to be able to communicate in Spanish in an efficient way. Studying and understanding simple rules are basic to learn a new language, so if you don´t have a good command of Spanish Grammar I encourage you to join my Grammar lessons. Don’t worry, I promise the won’t be boring!

> I need to cancel a class, how can I do it?

If you need to cancel a class, please let me know by email, phone, whatsapp… at least two hours before your appointment. If you don´t show up you will miss your lesson.

Will you recommend other resources to learn Spanish?

Absolutely. I will share and recommend videos, movies, novels… many different resources to improve your listening, grammar or vocabulary.

I don’t speak a word of Spanish, can you help me?

I love working with students from scratch, it’s great to see how fast they learn. When my students have a Basic level, I usually use English to communicate with them.

I don’t have time to learn Spanish, what can you do for me?

For people with little free time I have a great way to learn Spanish: online lessons. You won’t have to spend time commuting and you can learn  anywhere (when children sleep, when you are on a business trip, after work…) .

My schedule changes every week, can you adapt to my crazy life?

Sure. Since I offer online lessons, I can be quite flexible. You just need to tell me your availability and we will see what time works better for you.